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Globalize emerging startup markets by bringing the best international talents

A boutique startup accelerator supported by the founders of Y Combinator’s top company

Globalize emerging startup markets by bringing the best international talents

A boutique startup accelerator supported by the founders of Y Combinator’s top company
Hackers Bridge is an intensive boot camp that helps next-generation founders launch pre-seed and seed startups.
Accelerator Benefits
The goal of the 12-week accelerator program is to validate the product-market fit in the selected emerging market and to prepare startups for further relocation to LATAM, MENA or SEA with our support for the next 3 months after the acceleration program.
The Accelerator provides founder-to-founder mentorship from a top Y Combinator company & top local founders.
Tailored to the startup product needs, the educational content in workshop form will help startups find hacks and accelerate finding local product-market-fit & integration of relocating startup to the local ecosystem. We will provide angel investment on flexible terms depending on the startup stage. We are also ready to support portfolio in pre-seed and seed rounds.
Hack the traditional Silicon Valley Playbook and build a startup globally from Day 1
Best practices and support from mentors — outstanding entrepreneurs successfully operating in emerging markets.
Knowledge base
1000+ VCs funds and angel contacts. Among our investors, supporters and mentors are the top Y Combinator founders who raised over $100 million for their businesses and invested in startups that brought 50x returns and grew into unicorns. We also involve active founders from the target emerging markets.
Learning by case approach. Save valuable time by utilizing proven playbooks for time-consuming relocation and localization. Learn from international founders who have already launched their startups in LATAM, MENA or SEA.
Our ideal candidate
We are searching for bright talents who are not afraid to challenge the status quo, create a new world and move fast, leaders who have flexible mindsets and can quickly adapt ideas.

High achievers with successful product launches who want to become global entrepreneurs & ready to build their own startup in the fast-paced emerging markets.
Successful CEO
First-time founders
Established entrepreneurs who want to upgrade their new startup to emerging markets requirements and get on a unicorn journey in the booming VC environment.

Startups tech teams with an MVP and a path to create defensible tech advantage
Have full stack team skills to get to the initial milestones to enter the new market
Ready to relocate
Fluent in English/Spanish and can quickly acquire new languages as needed
Market research
week 1-3
week 4-6
User research
week 7-9
PROGRAM timeline
It is a 12-week program. The program is conducted online and requires 5−10 hours per week for educational & mentorship content and full-time commitment to a new market development strategy from a CEO of a startup.
The program is results-oriented and not designed as a theoretical program. It is a not typical accelerator program with hands-on tracking. We follow the best Y Combinator patterns and only take independent founding teams who can do everything on their own.
week 10-12
Fundraising Preparation
There are weekly webinars with CEOs and founders of high-performing startups operating in the emerging markets and related experts. There are weekly Y Combinator style group sessions among participants on challenges they face facilitated by Hackers Bridge founding mentors.
We just provide hacks & precise advice from operating founders that can save time and avoid unnecessary mistakes.
We expect you to relocate to the target market after the acceleration. If the startup successfully completes the program and relocates HQ, we will be supporting its founding team for 3 additional months in one of the chosen regions by arranging a custom fundraising roadshow with the support of top Y Combinator founders.
The program has 4 blocks of 3 weeks each:
MENA region
Wild and West, Founder & CEO
Tenderd, Founder & CEO
(YC S18)
Yalla market, Founder
CEO & Founder of 24TTL.net
Ziina, Co-Founder (YC W21)
LATAM region
Revl, Co-Founder (YC W16)
Atlantia Search,
Co-Founder & CEO
Ocular, Founder & CTO
Atarraya Inc., Founder & CEO
Our investors
Slava has 10+ years as an investor. He was a Venture and Managing Partner at Singapore-based seed firm Ruvento Ventures, which invested in several US-based startups, including Boom Supersonic, Solugen and Eight Sleep. CEO and Co-Founder of Mighty Buildings, a company solving the global housing shortage problem with 3D printing and automation using a sustainable approach.
Dmitry is a serial entrepreneur, inventor, and technologist that has developed over 50 new products, including 3 US patents in 3D printing. As CEO and Co-Founder of DI Labs he built an engineering firm focused on robotics and hardware. Developed Creopop the world’s first 3D pen with cool inks. Author of 6 granted patents in total. CTO and Co-Founder of Mighty Buildings.
Dmitry Starodubtsev
1. Who are we? Why should I complete the Hackers Bridge program?
We are top YC entrepreneurs who launched their company and raised over $ 100 million in investments. At the same time, we are successful angel investors — our funding has paid for itself 50 times over. We invested in 30+ companies, and 3 of them became unicorns. We co-invested with the best VCs and angels and have built a network with over 1000 investors globally.

We created the Hackers Bridge business accelerator to enhance the promising startups and help them thrive. During the program, we provide our founder-to-founder support and help you grow your business by sharing our experience and access to our network. The program’s key feature is soft-tracking — we accurately guide your company to reach its full potential and become a leader in the chosen sector.
2. Who are Hackers?
By hackers, we mean the founders who "broke into" the market due to the offbeat solutions. Whether unique and wanted product, non-standard business model or uncommon product management — hacker founders will abandon the classical scenarios and hunt for unusual and more efficient ways.
3. What is the difference between the HB program and other accelerator programs?
• We know how to create a thriving company and scale it globally. Hackers Bridge was created by the top YC founders, who launched their startup and turned it into the leading innovative contech with headquarters in US, Mexico and UAE.

• Hackers Bridge is a boutique accelerator. More than 50% of our mentors are the skillful founders of successful startups. For our accelerator program, we pick only distinguished and up-and-coming startups driven by talented teams. The candidates for our program. The participants of the program already possess tremendous potential and have all chances to achieve great results. We help them discover their strengths and give them tools to scale their companies overseas.

• Our business accelerator program content is tailored to the young founders' specific needs. The sessions are held in a workshop format. This way, the participants will be able to get detailed feedback and the answers to all their questions.
4. What are the sectors of startups you accept for the program?
  • Biotechnology
  • Cloud computing
  • Data Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Sustainable Products Market
  • Blockchain
  • AI
  • Cryptocurrency / NFT
  • Foodtech
  • Green ecology
  • Fintech
  • Longevity
  • Delivery
  • E-commerce
  • Ed-tech
  • Edutainment

Contact us if you believe you’re the right candidate for the program.
5. What are the participation requirements?
Your startup should have an MVP and a vision roadmap for one of the target markets — the MENA, LATAM or SEA. At least one of your co-founders should have solid expertise in the startup sector and be fluent in English\Spanish.
6. What is the format of the program?
The CEO of your startup must visit the sessions in coworking in person, as the program assumes a lot of live communication with the entrepreneurs, mentors, and accelerator’s team, as well as meetings with experts. The rest of the team can participate in a hybrid format, i.e., some of the members can join the sessions and meetings in person, while the rest can participate in the sessions online. Program participants will have a great possibility to work on their projects in the smart co-working space.
7. What is the program intensity?
We get the most desirable results in the things most of our attention is directed on. In our experience, combining our major business activity with scaling your company overseas is hard, and it slows down progress.

The best option for your company to take part in our acceleration program is to allocate the team that consists of the CEO and 2−3 other employees who have complementary competencies in product vision and marketing and sales strategy.
8. What does our accelerator provide to participants?
We provide space in our smart co-working. We also provide a marketing budget for testing hypotheses in the selected market.
9. Do you provide assistance with relocation to the countries of the MENA, LATAM or SEA?
We provide consulting support and connect you to our partners who can help you with visa application, business registration, legal issues, administrative regulations, etc.
10. What result will I get at the end of the program?
The program consists of two parts: the accelerator program and the supportive consultancy period. The duration of the accelerator program’s core part is 3 months. At the end of this period, you will register your company and accomplish the initial regulative proceedings to run your business in your team’s chosen country. You will obtain the first networking contacts and develop a clear strategy for moving ahead.

Once you finish the core program and achieve the first results, we will provide your team with advisory support on your company’s development in the target market.
Back to the application
You can address all your questions to the Hackers Bridge accelerator’s manager in whatever way you prefer.
If you need more information to find out whether our program matches your goals and ambitions and what benefits it can bring to your company, please, send a request, and our manager will contact you for further details.